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2022 and on

I managed to stay awake until 2022 came crashing through with almost non-stop fireworks here in Merida. Had a few beers, ate some pizza. I answered many messages from Vietnam, talked with my friends Paul and Boss in Hanoi for almost an hour, and heard from others. Got a text from my daughter wishing me a happy new year.

Now later in the day, it is room coffee time and some words appear on this canvas. Then WhatsApp sounds off and it is my Lily messaging me from Can Tho Vietnam. We talk for awhile and it is both reminiscing and wanting more from this year. We also talk about mutual friends in Vietnam like Paul and Duyen that live in Hanoi. Lily has been this constant force in my life for years and seemed the hardest thing when I left in July to leave her even though we could not easily see each other after about March when the covid situation started really changing in Vietnam. It has been since then and I remember our last time in Hanoi when we had Bun Cha at the corner place and earlier when I went to Can Tho for my birthday.

We talk a lot about traveling in Vietnam because there are places she has not been I have gone to numerous times. I do get lazy going with her because she just does the ordering and stuff and will help me with things there when I reach some block with language or culture. I hope that late in this year I am able to return but also to be able to travel between Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. I would probably move back and live in Cambodia if I could easily visit Vietnam when I wanted. It used to be a 50 minute flight from Saigon to Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Then our time is up talking because of the difference in time and she is done working remotely for the day and is tired.

And that is how 2022 starts. Kinda like how 2021 ended. WhatsApp and people in Vietnam I miss so very much. It is easy to just find some picture and share of perhaps a year ago there. This was just some day around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi’s old quarter late last year.

I was perhaps wandering the old quarter and ended up at the lake for food and coffee and just to walk around the lake since they would close the streets on the weekends. This time was a celebration and the smiles on the women’s faces really tell the whole story about my years visiting and living in Vietnam.

Now 2022 gets going.

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