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A day in Merida

I decided today to just take off and go. I managed to get almost 35 photos just wandering wherever I decided. The neighborhood I live in is just north of some wonderful tree-lined streets, old buildings, beautiful parks. Merida is a stunning and beautiful city. The streets are either wide with wonderful side walks or side streets with offices, homes, lining a smaller sidewalk. It is the kind of city you would want to live in if you had a choice. It has this eclectic beauty that is both haunting and one easily missed even walking. Completely different than Puerto Vallarta. This city has the historic spirit and it feels big when you walk. Buses spiral down streets and I will have to capture a few tomorrow. I found them so different looking; especially the old ones. Of course, some would say,

oh big city and so busy. Not worth the effort. Go elsewhere

Well, I don’t have an answer yet. I have only been here for a day. What I have seen though reminds me of so many cities that blend old and new in a wonderful and eclectic way. Like perhaps Kyoto Japan with its UNESCO sites mixed in with small parks and beauty salons. Or some areas in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia when you get away from the touristy downtown and walk the city blocks where actual things go on. It feels like that essence in Merida. Also it has this reputation, perhaps well given, as being the safest city to do whatever in. I can see it.

I decided to stop for a decidedly American lunch at Carls Jr. They have all those places. I saw McDonalds, Burger King, and others plus so many cool looking little places for breakfast that will be busy serving me for the foreseeable future.

Photos and Experiences

Instead of posting individual photos, I will just post my gallery for Merida every so often. It will update as I go. I also will write here as often as I feel I want to describing this wonderful and beautiful city as I go walking it in different directions. The city is made for walking. No cobblestone streets yet. Puerto Vallarta is full of them and I never really liked walking on them. I have old guy ankles and I fear twisting one on all the slippery sometimes rocks even though they are all round.

Okay! Here is my gallery of photos wandering Merida! Hope you enjoy my times along with me.

Next Days

The next days will be exploring my neighborhood and visiting with the other American guests at the Airbnb. The only folks now at the airbnb are American. Pretty interesting group of people. The host said a Mexican woman would show up tomorrow for a month.

We talked this morning about plans and wants and needs. Everyone wants to return to Merida and go nowhere else in Mexico. That is how much the city is loved by expats. I guess it just has this essence of big city, culture and history, food and fun.

I’ll just leave this here and I’ll post the gallery link once I actually upload some photos to it so you all can travel vicariously with me over the next months as I just see this beautiful city in the Yucatan.

I had thought I would not write daily but I feel now like I really want to create words as I go especially being in a place I have never been before. It creates this desire and need to write some words, take some photos, explore the little side streets and tree lined boulevards. Cool times!

Up next Easy times I guess there are times when I wake up after a good night’s sleep and I find myself in a new place. Last night I found a few convenience stores to Wandering Merida - first day of the steps
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