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A few moments

It seems like the days fly away here in Merida. Today I sit with a cup of coffee, a few of my favorite cookies from a bakery and some music. It is the morning. Merida morning. It is cooler here now. We have evenings in the high 50s and the morning blue skies persist often until late morning when clouds could roll in. Merida mornings are peaceful with no roosters crowing or cars.

It is easy to just sit here and feel this peaceful and serene city in the mornings. Down the street of our airbnb is a bigger street where traffic and stores will open at lest through tomorrow and then closed for the holiday on Saturday. It is also easy to just live here moment by moment. Now I have a few moments where out my window the sun has just started to give us a day. For me a day spent taking a walk, listening to music, channeling that old retired guy with young thoughts and feelings. March seems like more than a few moments away. So it is easy to just let March go and focus on what I do best. Taking what a day has to offer and deciding later on food and the walk.

Merida is one of the cities where it is easy to find all the elements that make life good. At least for me. Puerto Vallarta seems time ago and sometimes it seemed different. A beach town with a wonderful promenade but no history. Here we have this mix of culture and history and some of the most friendly people you could ask for. I will journey out when more moments pass and find a place to sit in the morning for a coffee out. Perhaps write in the never ending (for me) Day One journal. A fitting companion to these pages where I rage, yell, cry, dream too.

So these are my Merida moments. Often similar or different with the morning but the quiet beauty of the morning never does change here. I remember the wonderful cacophony of sounds in Hanoi as a morning came. Roosters, the street beyond never perhaps finding rest, vendors with everything from melons to bread selling from bikes. Voices echoing from my enclave on the 5th floor where I would sit in the mornings and watch Hanoi dictate. I talked with good friends in Hanoi last night on WhatsApp. We talked about our times together, food shared, family there. They are more my family than any entity in the US could be these days. More love is given free of charge, feelings exchanged, and emotions generated. Of course Vietnam has rung all the bells for me for a long time but what I’ve realized since leaving it is Hanoi that is the thing for me. That wonderful, funny, strange mix of things found walking down any street. The myriad Xin Chao greetings I would hear as I went. In the few moments, a bowl of Pho down the street where the woman knew exactly the formula. It gets cold in Hanoi in the winter and that bowl of Pho would warm up the insides and make the cooler morning somehow become an essence, a thing. Lead to another moment at the Goc Cafe for coffee where the young Vietnamese manager smiled with welcome and knew my order. A table there close to but yet away from the others. I could sit and read and watch Hanoi propel outside the cafe windows.

Sometimes I would go shopping at this local store which had about 90% of my needs for cheap. The guys knew me there too. It dawns on me though that here now I visit and have built this repertoire of places and neighborhood here is important too. Where the laundry, coffee shop, convenience stores are. A Lebanese restaurant I have not tried yet. Schwarma dreams! All in this wonderful little block of stores. So much like Hanoi yet so different.

My coffee cools. Music plays. Cookies and banana gone. Moments left. Coffee still lets me touch my moments left. Perhaps a second cup of room coffee. Instant happiness. Truth be told, if someone were to ask I am happy. Maybe my wonderful daughter force asked on my birthday recently,

Dadst are you happy and well? I miss and love you.

And I have moments. Moments to think on how it all came together. All the places. Little and big where moments were spent.

A few moments spent considering a few moments.

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