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I’m retired after 20 some years in IT which was around program management in infrastructure, data centers, and critical applications migrations. I worked for a lot of big guys and a few smaller ones in the Silicon Valley. This was drudgery and I grew to hate anything to do with measurement, goals, timelines, responsibilities, and schedules. I also worked around Linux during the .com era. Did some work with Linuxcare and other open source and Linux companies. Many were startups and a few were spindowns. I kinda gave up on the whole Linux thing and instead focused on work that actually paid something.

I’ve been blogging since about 1998. Perhaps my first venture was on Advogato. I also worked at a blogging startup company called Technorati in operations and management. Since then, it has been numerous Wordpress, Drupal, typepad, movabletype, back to Wordpress, then to micro.blog, write.as. Back and forth I would go with words. To sites with communities and some without. I discovered along the way I am not a community type person and prefer to not socialize or comment and instead just write. Now the site is back on Blot which is what I wanted in the first place. A little garden in some forgotten corner of some web around the corner from any place you have been.

Before all the technology stuff, I did the passion thing for some decades. I was gainfully employed as a professional archeologist. I worked across the Great Plains, deserts, and throughout California. At one time I worked at Edwards Air Force Base. That is where the shuttle would land long time ago. I also wandered deserts and foothills and mountains. Worked along the coast. It was a wonder life to me.

Now I’m done with work. I just go where I please when I please. I am in Mexico now after wandering Southeast Asia for some years and living in Hanoi Vietnam for a few more.