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Breakfast and beyond

Today my friend Jason and I went to a nice breakfast place. Both of us are retired so spend time talking about places to go. He will leave in early February for another place but I stay here until March and then return for a week and come back to Merida. I feel like I want that stability and I love the city here a lot. It just feels sometimes like I have been dropped into some other country than Mexico. Walking on some tree-lined blocks remind me of a place like Taipei or New York or Chicago. It has this wonderful essence and soul no matter where.

We ended up talking over an hour with some nice fresh coffees and a wonderful set of omelettes for breakfast. Good stuff! It is nice to have an American friend here that has some of the same life things and we can do the small things together like shopping or finding a taco stand. At the same time, we can be separate and not meet all the time and we both are good.

I cannot see what happens after September no matter how much I would want to just say I would go back to Cambodia and live. Some Vietnamese friends have asked me to be closer to them but I think moving back would be a farewell forever to returning to the US. I don’t really care for returning but I picked Houston because Merida airport has numerous flights there and back.

I also had thought this next time of staying longer in the US and perhaps riding Amtrak again but the truth is I have been on Amtrak where I want to go.

I’ve covered the Amtrak map in consecutive years it seems. In 2020, I rode across the US in a few directions but the highlight was the traveling completely across the US from Florida to Seattle and all in sleeper cars. This last time in 2021 I would go east on the Zephyr and then west on the southern route from Chicago to Los Angeles. I purposefully chose that route to experience two different rides I had never done before.

Then there is blogging

I have thought a deal about blogging lately and how it crosses over with my journaling endeavors and not taking any notes at all. The whole blogging scene seems so much less than ever before but I have also realized that is okay and I don’t want to satisfy some itch or experience some new platform. What I really want is to just write the words and share the meaning and not feel I need to support some social or community aspect. I did that on micro.blog and I grew to dislike the whole timeline and discovery thing immensely and I also realized that is all there really is there. There are no real blogging resources. On write.as I left because I felt silo’ed to hell. Oh, you want a photo, you have to use this silo. Want something else? No. Perhaps some other year. On both platforms, you want an email response? Good luck on that. I read both support sites and not much has changed on either. So I settled on a site that just lets me post markdown files and images to dropbox and it seems to be the mix of simplicity and ease missing from all those other places that always promise and never deliver.

I grumble about blogging like it matters sometimes but I have found it does not matter if my expectation is to have a platform to write on. Instead it does matter when I lose that whole idea and it becomes the words and content and information I want to write on. Once I reached that place, blogging suddenly became the nothing I wanted versus the platform with comments and social aspects I did not.

I would encourage anyone that can to leave either micro.blog or write.as if they want nothing but to create words. Because unfortunately on either platform, the words you create are soon not your own but are buried in some system which I have not been able to extract except when David Merfield did the work for me. Of course, David created blot so I am here :-).

Summing up on this Tuesday

So after breakfast and some thoughts and now deciding I will be getting a ride soon to another place to wander in Merida, I have found the ultimate truths about going or not, the platitudes about blogging about things I read like,

its your content, you can have it back when you want

So of course I have realized that is BS and both platforms push it all but when push does come to shove, what you get back is so much less than what you put in. So, my advice is to leave both. Make the words matter again and not what some overworked IT professional promises. Like someone would tell me years ago,

Money talks and bullshit walks

I would add that words matter and they will tell you words to get the subscriptions. Blah blah blah. My words do matter. To me. So I found this place where I could just live them and you can choose to not read. I care little.

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