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Choices of this and that…

It may be I move this blog yet again. I fear that blot may have problems and hopefully not because this place has the ethos I want in my daily life. Write a post on IAwriter, copy to some dropbox folder along with a daily picture or two and done. I definitely would not go back to the other places like write.as or micro.blog. Had my run with them and like the sign said,

don’t look back. We are not going that way

So I started considering moving the domain and blog to ghost self-hosted on DigitalOcean. I would probably shift to using Ulysses then since it publishes nicely to Ghost blogs and I can then edit and update the blog as I wish. Here it is even easier since all I do is edit some markdown file in a folder and the change is made.

I’m gonna give a few things some time and see what transpires here. I hope I can just stay and continue to write my blather here and share whatever it is I share.


Yesterday was a fun day. I caught an Uber to the historic district and was able to walk all around these charming little blocks of beautiful colonial architecture, see parks, restaurants, cafes, and nice looking bars. I stopped for tacos. Took some photos. I loved the side streets with such charming buildings and small stores and the little sidewalks and streets criss crossing away from the main tourist places.

There are wonderful outdoor places to dine throughout the district. Almost all places have these umbrella lined plazas with small restaurants queued up waiting to sell coffees or beer or food.

Again it felt like I was not in Mexico but wandering some other city scape. Like the Uber ride had transported me to a world where I could just go endlessly down streets, stop and sit at a bench, and just wonder at the beauty this city has.

I decided then I would come back once a week or so and just explore more and more of the city. An Uber ride down and a walk back. The walk back last night was about 2 miles and I was so pleasantly exhausted that beer tasted most exquisite at the end.

So there you have a few of choices of the this and that all compiled right here for you. Now it is Saturday with morning room coffee and still looking at the beautiful scenes downtown.

When I return

When I come back in March, my next place to stay is much closer to the central district so I will find even more wonders of daily life to be had in the Yucatan. There are many. Most I think hidden and patiently waiting down just the next side street or alley or park.

More on the whole blog thing later. I hope I just stay here and write just like I do now. I don’t want more elegant writing platforms and self-hosted Linux systems. Been there, done that.

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