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Christmas Eve Recollections

Perhaps this is what we do as bloggers. People seem to want to publish retrospectives about their lives before, what happened in the year. What they were able to do or not do, pain felt and absolved or still present. Why we do it, I wonder. Is there some desire to relive the pain and then say,

well we don’t have that pain now but we do have this pain

And here I am writing on the same thing. Recollections can be cruel and sometimes haunting. We always want to cast the net backwards especially this time of the year. Find one more sunset or jaded passages of photographs which sums up all our times of the past. Even looking further back we all seem justified to write and create our pain yet one more time. So I wonder,

what is it about this time of the year that breeds such pain to be relived even vicariously with pen and paper or keyboard and screen or heart and mind?

I don’t know but I do know we all do it. The holidays revolve for me. Last year I was in Hanoi Vietnam after cancelling earlier plans to return to the US and a potential trip to Mexico. That seems rather poignant to me in retrospect. According to Day One, I was sitting in my room and wondering perhaps the same things then as I am now.

Maybe I have asked that why question each year and did not bother to write it two years ago in Taiwan or my few days in the Philippines. Of course I had to leave Manila because. Then I would find Kuala Lumpur for Christmas because I love the city and what it offers. The little beer bar by KL Sentral Station where I could get the tall Asahi draft beers and talk with the pretty Malaysian girl. Sometimes eat their chili chicken bites. Then a week later give or take, Saigon for a few weeks to do what? I would Saigon of course. At the Corner Cafe for beers and watching District 1 go nuts on a night. I never really cared for Saigon except for short visits. The holidays were no different for me. It always seemed like too much with too little being offered. Hanoi was much more the thing. I could just live in Hanoi. Saigon was more like existing.

So you see I cast the net back also. Do I miss some past thing or things which are holidays that came and went? I think in some ways but I also think the holidays are meant to haunt us, make us see all that transpired the last year or years. Perhaps hate but relive it because. Just because we do…

Christmas Eve Recollections

For me, it is better to look at Mexico right now. Pizza party later in the day with a few guests and our host’s family members. Tomorrow a big Christmas dinner by our honorary grandmother who mothers us at times but always smiles and greets in Spanish. Her smile could light a thousand worlds. For me though, I fear there is nothing to hold close or let go on the holidays. They are just days. I gave you some yesterdays. I hope you spend yours judiciously but always remember just what it was and what you are now. Only you know if you are less or more and whether it really matters. Listen to the music. Have a coffee. Have a sunset in Hanoi Vietnam.

You deserve.

Now go make some new memories. Good or bad? Your choice.

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