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Coffee mornings

Today stayed and talked some at the house and we decided to do fried chicken for our meal later. They went to get. Being lazy I went to coffee shop and bakery to see the nice women who always greet me with smiles and a wonderful

Hola Mike. Cómo estás?

I normally get the same stuff except when I don’t.

The coffee shop sits on the camprestas street a nice stroll from home. Open air seating and time to sit and read. No rush or things planned or unplanned left to do.

So I can sit in solitude and watch my little Merida mornings turn about. Cool breezes, trucks pulling in, people always telling me an informal

Buen día

So much of the reason day by day Merida takes me away to a wonderful life here. Mornings and latte and warm cinnamon rolls. Smiling women and laughter and wonderful times in my neighborhood.

All so good. My Merida moments.

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