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Dancing Merida

Yesterday was wandering the historic zone which really is one of a few different places here I will return to so many times. I found so much to just walk through with parks, beautiful tree-lined streets, peaceful times and the scenes I perhaps love to capture. So, let’s dance.

Walking these streets seemed almost like a tour through some other country with wonderful streets and these buildings. So many wonderful historic buildings and small parks. Places to eat and drink. If you want an adventure and find the romance of Merida, I think one stop should be along the Ave Colon.

There, you can find the sublime beauty of just a day spent strolling the streets and feeling you have at least reached something that perhaps you never really were looking for. I found it here.

But then there is always just the brilliant beauty of the city itself. As I walked yesterday it dawned on me that this city embodies all that I could ask for in a place so awhile ago I decided to return again in March to just live this city, feel its breath, find its consciousness. Finally, perhaps touch a kindred spirit. In other words perhaps I found a place I could call home and let it take me through this year to other places I still want to go.

Thanks Merida. I am so grateful for the day you gave me yesterday. Leaving you with a last wonderful memory of this city. Big and beautiful. Different and wonderful. This zona historica.

Then there’s today

So I left yesterday but the moments will always be there for me and today is a simpler and gentler day after my miles of walking and then walking home after a stop at Carls Juniors for a burger. This one Carls Junior always treats me so well and the folks working there are kind and always will tell me thank you and welcome to our place in English and Spanish.

Today though is gentler. Tacos and laundry to get done. Some shopping. A neighborhood kinda day. And it seems reasonable to now listen to Bruce Cockburn and his Pacing the Cage. A master storyteller that wraps up his emotions in beautiful guitar and lyrics. Thanks also to my good friend Mikka for the email. If you get a chance visit his site. Take a read on his adventures and gardening. We each find the places and I have thought blogging has become so much less of late but yet words continue and I guess they just will because I write now as I want. Not because of goals or standards or platforms. Just because the words flow and Merida dances.

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