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Easy times

I guess there are times when I wake up after a good night’s sleep and I find myself in a new place. Last night I found a few convenience stores to shop in and a taco place for dinner. I bought some instant coffee so I could channel the morning correctly. I also am thinking of trying this breakfast place a little later in the day or perhaps some other place I happen to find along the way.

The Airbnb is a colonial house so there is an interior courtyard with open spaces to sit and the rooms surround that. There is a nice kitchen with all the things one needs. The most important for me is the hot water kettle in the mornings.

There is some kind of sublime joy in being in a new place. Finding all the little differences. Here in Merida thus far I have not seen cobblestone streets and I’m thankful for that. Puerto Vallarta is full of them and I always felt walking was a little balancing act. Even local people take care when crossing the streets but they do move faster than I do.

Another joy I think is finding local restaurants, coffee houses, cafes, and shopping that is easy to reach. Oxxo stores are always a safe bet for the common needs like drinking water, beer, coke or snacks. Many do not sell fruit but almost all sell coffee and some kind of pastries. There are three stores very close to my place and a Walmart just blocks away. Perhaps I will adventure to the Walmart store later in the week.

Blogging it all

I’m personally grateful that Mikka is writing almost daily again whatever he writes. His blog is one of the very few I still read on a regular basis. One of the things I found in departing from so many hosted solutions and arriving finally on blot is my feeling about the writing changes. I do not look forward or expect anyone ever to read the blog or perhaps even find it. I try not to publicize it or list it except on Mastodon. It has always been a personal endeavor for me even when I published the day to day stuff. I felt I wanted this record of my Southeast Asia wanderings, Vietnam, Mexico, or the Amtrak trips earlier this year so I would take pictures and share on the blog which would then be crossposted to my mastodon account. It became evident that for micro.blog this was one of the primary reasons I used it. I stopped reading the social content or timeline or discovery and I looked to see what was left. It dawned on me if one removed the social fabric of micro.blog the only thing left was blogging but I was at a point where I wanted the posts to be mine and to also have a real site and not just a blog. Publishing to the blog should also not be some arcane practice with clients and apps and exports and imports and crap. It really should be what you see is what there is. I also questioned the real reason for writing on micro.blog if I took away all the social context. I could not find one. I am not a community type person and I realized in the end when I deleted the account almost on a whim, I felt better about it. I felt I had finally severed any community ties to my writing. I could write as I wanted which is,

writing for my own joy and desire and not yours

So I moved again and purposefully did not take backups or exports because they never really work and there is enough withheld to make the hosting service attractive to stay. I had published over three years of posts there by importing from blot. I still have all those posts which cover from 2019 to 2021. I could easily just copy them over again and have them back. They are tailored for blot since the archive was created specifically to use there. But… I won’t.

And I will never use another classical blog hosting service ever again. All the micro.blog, write.as, whatever; had me and lost me.

So if you found me here, congratulations. This is the left turn on the road and if you turn around you can find all you just left behind. No encouragement to stay here. You will only find some words all lined up in some particular order about the life and times of an old retired guy. The other thing to be found will be a periodical of sorts I am still working on. Still considering the tapestry of how I want to post it here on blot. Finally, if you don’t like what I write about blogging, your browser has a back arrow. Use it.

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