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Evening in the Park and Afternoon with Mango Ice

It seems I saw this same person a few times in the park with his dog. Today though the park had only a few people and his dog came over to give me a look. We then sat and talked for some bit of time. Ghandi as he is known is a professional photographer and artist originally from England but now living in Merida for 10 years. To say he enjoys it is an understatement. He told me Merida has to be the friendliest and most safe city around. I think I can attest to this. Some years ago he asked a Merida police officer if he liked working in the city. The officer said it was very quiet and they liked it that way. We also talked about the beauty of the city and since he is a photographer, he wanders the city too looking for the basics and the beauty. We did not talk photography too much but we discuss Merida a lot. He finds the city to be wonderful to live in and when his wife wanted to leave to go back to England he told her,

have a nice trip

Now they correspond on their phones only. So I guess Merida is a city with a lot of attraction for a variety of people. The safety quotient aside we both agreed there are the restaurants, history, museums, beautiful tree-lined streets, and almost this sense of not being in Mexico at times.

Ghandi visits the same coffee shop as I do so I hope to see him there some time. By the way; his dog is 15 years old and is a little deaf but seems very upbeat and yesterday was barking at another dog with its people. It is always interesting to meet retired expats because the view of the places often is different. Here in Merida, there is a love for this city, the people, the beauty that can be found merely by strolling the historic districts and city center.

Then the Mango Ice

Earlier, I was returning from WalMart where I bought some needed clothing items and decided to stop at this place that makes different flavored ices. It was a warm day and I thought the Mango one would be particularly tasty. I just sat and watched two Merida police officers working at an intersection doing traffic control. The one nearest me wished me a Buenas Tardes and I waved back. So I sat and enjoyed the wonderful warm day and just sitting out with a cold drink and doing absolutely nothing. It seemed like the perfect afternoon to engage in the drink after walking to WalMart and then taking the longer way back home.

It reminded me of so many times sitting along some street in Hanoi drinking a coffee and feeling like the city just engaged around me, people laughing and sipping drinks. Some eating a Banh Mi. Just the being there and finding a table to just watch Vietnam.

Today though it was this street corner and enjoying the warm and beautiful day and feeling so wonderful to have the table, have everything I could possibly want or need, and then finish and decide I could also just walk home and sit awhile with the morning memories of walking and just enjoying the freedom to go.

From morning to evening. Moments in Merida. All small things that make up a day. Now perhaps a nice cold beer because I bought cans of Modelo the other day at WalMart Express. So I shall go and partake, find the cool evening on the veranda and sip a beer or two.

Later dudes.

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