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Friday morning coffee

Beautiful cool morning in Yucatán. Merida mornings this time of year wonderful for the morning coffee binge and sitting out with other guests talking the day. It is easy to slip into never ending Merida mornings and seems easier with each day here.

Coffee talk is about smaller things. No news or political diatribe. More the slice of the morning we are given. Graced by morning coffee and funny stories and large slices of peace and serenity in Merida. Wonderful slow times that seem to be the order of the day here. Being a little after 10am now a second coffee came about and now I sit in a wicker chair on the veranda. A breeze carefully tumbles the plants and stirs the imagination.

And it is Friday. Another day for explanation and one foot to another later to find a breakfast spot. Down the street. Maybe two blocks. We shall see.

Now coffee time and laziness. My friend J here said,

We got no clocks

And so true it is.

Enjoy your Friday. I have Merida in the morning with cool breezes and a walk to happen. What do you have? I’ll take a sip of coffee, feel the cool morning swing by, and find no answers because I have no questions.

Cheers. Salud. Buenos días.

Up next Birthday report So today was a good birthday. Had some cake from Yucatán which was interesting and then visited awhile here. Tonight M and I went out for Mexican Sunday so and so
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