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From morning in Merida Friday beckons

I realized I have been here in Merida just about a month now. At first I had thought I would return to Puerto Vallarta to stay but this city is so much more to me than PV is so when I started thinking about March and after, it was kind of a no brainer to me to just come back here and live in March until September.

There are always the whispers and wonder about what comes after and I have actually given that some thought. When I first decided to come to Yucatan it was both the city and the geographic location. See?

See how Yucatan is much closer to places like Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama? But then I discovered after the map thing, I love this city and the people and the beauty here of all Merida offers. Of course, for me, there is also the location close to the countries in September I will visit and live in. So I started wondering about wandering a little and maybe even seeing my friends Paul and Renee in Panama if it can happen. Truth be told, I would love to share a coffee or beer with them and go over the time since July 2021 when we shared food and coffee.

I also have felt that it is likely we will need more booster shots. Going back to Houston in September gives me an easy option to do that but I think after that it would be on to Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize in some order. The other concern are visa requirements. As it turns out Panama gives US passport holders 6 months free, Costa Rica gives 3 and I need a visa for Belize good for a month. If you add all that time up, it basically covers all of 2022 wandering as I please.

From the map above, you can see the continuity of hoboing around the countries and Mexico is an easy jump back toward the US. In some far out reality, there is Asia. I cannot imagine now returning in 2022. I pretty much know I cannot just go back and live in one country there. I need the wandering and freedom to go. I have friends in Cambodia too so I need at least to go there. I don’t need Thailand at all. I don’t like that place whatsoever. Bangkok is a dump to me and always has been. Steel and metal and no soul and the street food looks terrible. But Singapore means I could see a whole host of old friends that work and live there and there’s India. India always beckons and old friends sometimes ask when. When will I return to see them in Chennai or Bangalore or wherever.

It just feels like 2023 to me and I will spend the remainder of 2022 just wandering as I love and like. Taking photos with an iPhone, writing meaningless blog posts, and enriching my Day One diary with more stuff not ever printed out in a book.

So there is the morning view with room coffee enabled and no plan plans on a Friday. As my friend Jason would say,

there is no clock

And that means we just go and time can go F off.

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