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Heading to End of the Year

Seems like the days are winding down to the end of 2021. I just arrived in Merida Mexico about 1.5 weeks ago and have been just walking and eating and seeing things in my neighborhood. I live north of the central district so it is quieter but there are some beautiful old homes and other things worth seeing. The wandering always yields something I like to capture. Perhaps it is an idea worth remembering or just a sight which seems to find the way to my iPhone.

This place struck some nerve of scenes within scenes to me. At first glimpse so basic but I enjoy the little contrasts and views into a world within the world.

The walking has been the same I guess. So basic yet sometimes so surreal and without purpose. Perhaps the best way for me to walk. For me it is a fundamental thing most days to just go from the house and decide to walk some direction and just see. I’ve not gone to the central district yet which holds more things but I have months to go here so I feel there is no rush to find yet other places when the walking here seems so wonderful and yet so basic.

One of the things I’ve been doing is capturing beautiful homes I see as I go. This one really struck my fancy for some reason.

I am not really sure if it is a home or a property with business or condo or apartments. There are lots of condo units here. I just love the utilitarian lines and the basic beauty of the colors with the blue sky behind. I really have no idea where this beautiful and functional building is and that is part of the joy of just capturing the old and beautiful homes and properties I see just going.

Finally to share with you is this view which for some reason struck me as so utilitarian but yet with beautiful flowers peeping over the fence which seems to separate but invite. I really love the beautiful greenery and then the more stark building behind.

I guess with this scene I am always struck with the same basic premise whether in Vietnam or here or the US. There is some beauty in those basic lines of place and thing and a color or shape which intrudes yet makes it seem so much more.

The Moral?

What is the moral of all this? There is none. It is just enjoying the movement on a day, watching clouds roll, finding the little scenes which always seem to fuel the imagination.

My next steps are not so different in the next week as Christmas rolls around. Another holiday which has become so little to me over the years. It is easier for me now to just watch and let the morning coffee in the room flow. Feel my Merida moments seemingly forever stretching but I know March 2022 comes too. But then is then and I don’t believe in guarding clocks and calendars.

So I will head to the end of the year and just do what I do. Later today turn the laundry in and have coffee with J at the local coffee shop. Sit and watch. Wonder. Dream. I get an email from an old Vietnamese friend enquiring. Answering, I remember meeting her years ago when I lived in the old quarter in Hanoi.

Let the year roll and I will rock.

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