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I know I said last blog post…

But I find a thing which seems so cool yet so private to my own experience that I just feel like writing on it. I am a day early but I have reasonable certainty that tomorrow will be my 1000th diary entry on Day One. I do have diary entries in markdown files going back to 2015 which while interesting to read through cannot really be imported into Day One although I would like to have that record in one place. So instead I celebrate my coming diary entry with a few facts about how I write journals.

  1. I only use one journal for everything with no hashtags. Everything therefore is a mishmash of stuff that comes up and goes away. Enters and leaves the fertile mind of an old retired guy.
  2. There is no one focus to how I write in the journal. Everything is grist for the mill. Reflection, guilt, frustration, acceptance, joy, grief, love, hate. You know. All the stuff that makes up human existence.
  3. I tend to write long diary entries most days and will add to them as the day goes on. There are no bullet journals or gardens or GTD. Why I would need a journal with bullets or a digital garden or a list of lists is beyond me. I have written in the journal and previous blogs these are just crutches people use to interact with things like time and space. I think when we don’t understand something we create complex systems to make sense of them.Yet they never do so my journal does not list out next actions or steps or things at all.
  4. I’ve experimented using different journals for different things. It don’t work for me. When I sit down to write in the journal, I have no idea where things are going so having separate journals is a frustration and angst producing thing for me. Refer to 1 above! :-)

So what does it all have with anything you could ask. Why even blog about a journal? Because after writing 1000 entries plus the years before I have repeatedly come back to a central point. Journals are extremely important until they are not important. What this means is we will write in them until we feel we are done so the journal should be flexible and easily accessible. For me a digital only journal means one less book or paper or pen to carry. I don’t like those things. I never liked paper and pens and pencils. It always felt clumsy and I smeared ink all over the page because I am a leftie. My handwriting has degenerated to being not just illegible but rarely exercised. I can sign my name.

So the use of a journal is key to create the digital record of one person’s life. Day One is the best I have found for this. You can choose to create blogs online and call them journals or write in the privacy of an offline editor or use paper and pen or pencil but the truth is,

it is the writing itself that matters

So I think in line with the last blog post I could not obey, just go forth and write. Don’t worry if it is right or up or down or left. The idea with writing is the act not the platform. The reading part I will leave to you as time goes by but it is why I chose Day One because looking back sometimes is not so bad. Just as long as I don’t have do overs.

Up next Last blog post Hello all. This is my last blog post in which I write the day out. Starting soon I will be writing posts less frequently and will also be working on Reaching 1000 was interesting
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