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Last blog post

Hello all. This is my last blog post in which I write the day out. Starting soon I will be writing posts less frequently and will also be working on pushing out my going west saga. I have two desires. I don’t do goals.

  1. Produce less frequent posts with more of the meaning than pictures of the beach, dinner or what I did last night. I want the blogposts to be more long term and less on the day to day. I’ve done day to day almost journal posts since Vietnam. This has been fun and I have enjoyed sharing the places but I feel those days are at an end.
  2. Show different words and a different me. Write posts about topics that may include a stream of activities but are in the new going west format. Longer, more definitive. With photos and stories. This will lead to my periodical when I’m ready.

I’m not in any hurry to share the stories. I’ve taken months writing them so producing more detailed blog posts let me lead up to what I really want to discuss.

The blog effective now will not have recent posts but only this one. It is meant as an evolution and step along the way. Writing every day on every thing is not what takes me to the next step.

There is no schedule or goal with how and when I change. It is really when I want to change. I’ve reached the first point now.

I think blogging for me needs to evolve much like leaving so many blog hosting providers. Each thing was a step forward or back. Some sideways. All okay. It does not let me stretch my word wings though and ti feel creative or in the mix with the ideas and ideals flowing I must have new meanings. I don’t believe we are meant forever for same same.

We need the different.

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