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Last Day in Puerto Vallarta

And up kinda early for whatever reason. It always seems I get excited when the time is close to going elsewhere. Tomorrow morning I fly to Mexico City first and then a few hours later to Merida. As I wrote about, I will be staying in Merida for 3 months or close to it. My airbnb there is a colonial house about 10 minutes walk from the central area. My friend Nora asked me what I would do there. I told her I would miss her there :-). I also stopped to see yet another pretty young woman named Tamara I was fortunate to meet. Both became friends as I lived here.

The real things I would do though,

  1. Nothing. I will do nothing most of the time. Except the times I do something or another thing. I don’t like saying on some day I will do some thing and then will add it to some calendar or event or plan. I don’t really use calendars any more for doing things. Because? I do nothing! Yay!
  2. Chichen Itza of course!. And perhaps more than once.
  3. Food and beer and walking. Well those are the standard things I just do but I always think walking comes kinda first in the list because it has always been me touching something besides the ground under my feet. Like glorious or cloudy days. Hot or cold. In Merida I will walk.
  4. Photography. I am no photographer and would never aspire to be one but I do like taking photos with my iPhone 12 Pro. I take photos just about every day. Merida will have a new gallery just for my days there and I’ll post a few photos here and more on Mastodon but I will not be doing the day to day thing any longer.
  5. Meditation and Yoga. There is no reason besides both make me feel good and after almost two years I’ve reached the method I enjoy most which is no method. I hate things like techniques, methods as well as plans, goals.

What happens after? I dunno. I will leave Mexico on March 8th 2022. I think a short visit to the US to get one of those booster shot things and then will just as quickly leave again after a week or so. I may go back to Merida or perhaps to Oaxaca City. I have a friend I met here who will be staying in Oaxaca about that time so we will see. I don’t think I will return to Puerto Vallarta next year. When I think on it, it seems that Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama are calling. I also doubt seriously I will return to Asia any time soon. In all honesty, and after almost no reflection or thought, I feel done with things there until some other time when I am not done with things there. I lived in Hanoi for almost 2 years and wandered around Southeast Asia for longer.

Hey! Take it easy there. You been sitting way too long :-)

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