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Little Walking and Little Sights

Starting tomorrow I guess I will be going farther to see some new things. I’ve walked the neighborhood for some bit of time and while there are many streets, alleys, parks I have not seen; I’ll start going closer to the central area just a bit. Tomorrow I will go to a historic district and street where I can find restaurants, historic buildings, museums, and the Américas Park. I’ll catch a ride on DiDi which is another hailing service here which is cheaper and more available than Uber.

Today though I just went out for a walk to see what I could see. My favorite kind of walking. I most often go with no real destination and Merida fits in well with walking that way because the city is big, but yet quite navigable without using Google or Apple Maps. So today off I went. So what did I see? Well, a few things came about.

I love old signs and often really love them when I see them in black and white. There is just this story being told and I often arrive after it has been told many times so I like to capture how the whole has reached the chapter it has.

Then a little farther, I found this wonderful little scene of so many components. So many different pieces of the commentary being told. Right there for us to puzzle. Perhaps that is for the best when I find little things which all vie for a time to tell their parts of the story.

Finally, not far from where I live, I love capturing little buildings and scenes I have walked by more than a few times. Close to the WalMart Express we shop at often and just about down the street from the taco Domi stand where we do tacos on occasion. The geometry just attracts and pulls the eyes to me in different ways. I am always amazed at how each little thing leads us to another.

I finished up my walk and particularly enjoyed the cool and cloudy day today. No rain but the air was so nice and cool today. It felt made for walking so I walked. It told me

no destination please just go

I always obey that command.

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