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Moments at the Park today

I went for a nice walk today just kinda sorta in my neighborhood. It was a cloudy and cooler day today so walking felt particularly good. My most favorite approach is to just turn down likely streets and find things. The neighborhoods here are mostly small businesses and rather beautiful homes so I just go with the iPhone and manage to always take some photos of the streets and homes or other things which seem to be interesting to me.

Like most days though, I ended at the park down the street and sat for awhile and just watched the clouds maneuvering and renegade rain drops making a hesitant approach. I read a rather cool article on Flipboard which I guess has become my goto news reader because I cannot really take RSS stuff.This article was about Mike Rus, a rather cool and innovative mobile photographer, so I will share here as well. I’ve felt for awhile that for many of us dedicated cameras are just not required for what we do and what we wish to do with photography. So after reading and seeing Mike carrying multiple mobile devices and using different devices to accomplish some wonderful work he does, it seems to me I would get more mileage buying a second mobile device like a Pixel 6 Pro instead of wasting my money on a digital camera and probably hating all the crap that goes with it. So I think when I go back I will probably get the Pixel 6 Pro from the Google Store. The 256gb model strikes my fancy and then I can just really play with both Android and iPhone photography and not upgrade the iPhone 12 Pro this time since I really love what it does.

Then there was the park

Yeah… The park. I almost forgot but it truly was a moment of just sitting quietly at a bench and watching the clouds move around and find the forever quiet moments to just watch. I don’t walk with people so I never have to listen to commentary or views or desires. Unless I talk to myself that is.

So when I looked toward that afternoon slowly showing itself, it struck me just how beautiful the clouds are today.

The sky seemed to effortlessly make itself both real and almost dreamlike as I sat and was this spectator. The park though is close to my Airbnb so I always stop and sometimes even will go to an Oxxo store to pick up a thing or three. Not today though. I just continued to go. To walk. Find my moments. Think of how my moments move around sky and shadow and evenings often spent sitting on the veranda and talking. Many words but I realize I need the time away from those words so I always go by myself and tomorrow will do coffee alone because I cannot be that social.

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