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Morning Times at the Marriott

So sleeping was good! I am now gonna think about breakfast at the hotel. Have to pay in cash since I used debit card to secure the room. I don’t do credit cards. They are a mark of the beast and I stopped wanting the punishment of credit years ago. Means though I have to use cash sometimes or when I want something make sure the card can cover the cost. It comes to me every so often when someone asks for a credit card they are evil and have the potential to make your life a living hell. They did mine.

Anyways, it is the morning on the hotel’s excellent wifi listening to music with some coffee and I am almost considering breakfast. The hotel is linked by a walkway to the amazing and confusing airport here so I will go today with plenty of time to get the ticket from the receipt, check my bag, and then wait for my Merida flight.

Before all that it is the morning time here so my thoughts turn to writing it seems. The room is rather luxurious to me with wonderful pillows and a TV I don’t use. I tried this morning and I got through the horrible news of the tornados in the US. I don’t also understand why we continue to see news of Trump and his demagogues and his sycophants in the news. It seems to me the best thing is ignore him and by not we just fall pray to his never-ending thirst for personal power. If I had children these days, I would use Trump’s life as a warning zone. I would say,

Don’t grow up to be like Trump.

An evil guy I think which the US may get stuck with again. I think at some point before 2024 I will find a country that will take me long term and just live there. Panama comes to mind.

So all of these things cross the fertile zone of my coffee enhanced hotel room morning. I only have this one morning so I intend on doing nothing with it.

Blogging it seems

I also think on blogging like this morning. Putting words down. Writing here is an exercise in simplicity for me and perhaps there is no audience or readership but when did I need one to pontificate on blogging :-).

So back to my music and my hotel room and growing breakfast thoughts. Soon Merida turns my way. Honestly I cannot wait to see what the city offers and I have this feeling I will return there after March and my interlude in the US. It just feels right now

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