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Moving Along to a New Week

Seems like the weeks conspire to create new weeks all the time. I’ve been in Merida basically a week now. There are so many places I have not been yet here but the real measure with 3 months here is to not cross places off the list but to slowly add more photos to my gallery on Merida which can be found here if you so desire. The photo gallery really is a day to day thing even though I said it would not be. Truth is with the iPhone 12 Pro, taking photos is a joy with little or no editing really required. I have given some thoughts to getting the iPhone 13 pro when I get back to the US since the price difference is a bit. The real thing though is I don’t really decide things until I decide them and I feel for what I do the iPhone 12 Pro seems just so perfect for me. Some dedicated camera would never be able to do what I want. Take a photograph, perhaps edit in Darkroom or Raw Power, upload to mastodon, upload to Smugmug. Done. Maybe share in a blog post but here on blot, sharing a photo is doing a JPEG embed which ends up working quite nicely for my purposes. I think with a camera there are a few more” steps and for me those are the killing feature or full stop. The big thing is what I want though. I take photos for me and always have. Like markers along my little path. I can look back at Angkor Wat or Kwangsi Falls and put myself there. Sharing really is the labor of love though and I decided that Mastodon and my instance was my outlet for sharing besides the blog. My mastodon instance also is very enjoyable since it is focused on photography and I can find so many genres and photographers for everything from beautiful nature to landscape to street.

So of course all these things percolate my old retired guy mind. Most of all is basic happiness and joy at being in Merida with a city made to wander. Parks and history and culture and food. A beer in the evenings to cement the tie. The where” is never important to me even if there are parks and histories to find. It is more the going or the moving along” part of things. I simply must be moving along albeit slowly and at a pace I feel gives me so much time to just move forward without tagging places as must see or want to see. It is much better to find them with amazing serendipity much like wandering Taipei where a turn down a small block yielded a wonderful historic block with small museums and coffee shops. To me, it is like the cities say,

miss that if you can and you will on a bus or car

Who cares though? Cities don’t. The real thing about all places are the people. They won’t care either. You just bypassed the moving along in favor of hop on/hop off tours where the city spins by in a whirl of transfers and the

nothing here lets go

And that is plain sad because like in Hanoi, moving along means you still miss so much but you do it at a slower pace.

A new week and weeks to come mean finding those little scenes and the iPhone ready to just render them in amazing quality for me and ease. You can take your digital cameras with telephoto lens and tripods and filters and simulations and go forth. I will just capture my moving along scenes with what strikes my fancy and needs.

Go forth. Whether forward or sideways or in some new direction. It segues to my periodical stories on going west” which I think will be ready to be hosted on this here blog soon. I am going back and editing the drafts I wrote all over the places. Thanks IA Writer for being my buddy and making it so easy to just create. Much easier than dopy Ulysses and its broken markdown.

Here’s some picture of Merida. Happy days wandering. Move along now.

Bye bye!

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