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My Christmas Day Post

I don’t really do Christmas much any longer but I should mention that here in Mexico, Christmas is celebrated in a big way. I think perhaps since October or so I have seen different decorations. Maybe earlier. In Puerto Vallarta down the street from where I lived was a lady making homemade house decorations. I also bet the Panaderia or bakery would do some Christmas cookies. Even if not, I would consume numbers of their wonderful sugar cookies which I just love.

Here in Merida, we had a Christmas Eve pizza lunch with everyone living in the airbnb. We got Dominos Pizza because Mikaela likes and she is 7 years old :-). The Christmas tree has been up in the house for some weeks. Perhaps months. Today we have a family lunch which will be Turkey, potatoes, veggies and rice. Lunch is at 1pm and will sit and then simply enjoy those small times which come here where family is so important and people will forever wish me Feliz Navidad even on the streets, from police, in parks.

Walking the city just about every business has decorations and last night were fireworks like you never see in the US. Much more fun to hear and even see. They also sell these huge sparklers here. Fun! I also noticed the weather decided to get even nicer in Merida the last days. Blue, blue skies and cooler evenings. It has turned into some wonderful walking and wandering weather and I am still capturing photos of wonderful old homes and other stuff which captures my interest but perhaps not yours, in the general neighborhood.

I also found a number of simple little scenes which I love to capture. No big stories to be told but just a moment in time where it seems a thing happens or has happened and I find it on my walks.

Sometimes it can be summed up as escape. Maybe we all need some escape and then I find both in one picture and I just grab it because. No reason. It is just what my iPhone toy wants to do and I fulfill what it dictates.

Finishing up

I hope you all have what it is you want and need and expect from the holidays. My Day One memory shows last year at this time I was in Hanoi Vietnam having just cancelled a return to the US in February. It is funny in retrospect that the plan then was to also go to Mexico for months and find a new home or country I could wander around in, write on, take photos of, and simply enjoy. Merida has to be the city where I have found the majority of things I enjoy plus being in probably the safest big city in Mexico and one that is recognized internationally. Wandering here today I will simply go in some direction at some time and then see Christmas Day evolving step by step.

So there are your wishes and my memories. Now go make your own.

Up next Christmas Eve Recollections Day After I had considered writing a day after post and then declined mentally but it seems I would ruin a record posting here every day if I do not commit
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