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No time for News

I guess I reached the maximum inflection point with news. Any kind of news. News about news. About covid. About politics. About things and people and places. I read the News after leaving it alone for a bit using Flipboard and then RSS and then Google News. I have not used Apple News at all lately. So here is what I found out.

The news and the apps that do the news all suck

The news sucks because everything that happens is taken for a spin in some kind of strange storm vortex machine and we get news about some person saying something and then being torn down on twitter or instagram. Other news comes around to tell us to do this or don’t do that. To read this. Don’t read that. Believe in this not that.

Then there is RSS. And readers and apps that do RSS of all kinds. So my news on these apps that then cover the news is that they suck too. RSS should go away because nothing has happened with it for years and all the readers look like Excel spreadsheets but I guess when all they do is go scrape the news and then show it back there is not a lot to be done to actually innovate. I blame the news itself and what makes the news the news. Perhaps the real blame though is,

there is an app for that

We have apps for things and thoughts and places and ideas and notes and gardens and stuff. Then we have things that blend all these together and make them into consumable properties and then they are parsed into some kind of thing which we are supposed to read because RSS gives us all this wonderful flexibility. Except for one thing. They all cover the news and guess what?

The news sucks

Yep. So I have sworn off yet again reading news because there is no upside to whatever it is that makes the news”. Somehow what has happened is that a thing happens and it becomes News. At that point, it all falls apart and everyone does a digital dive on it and we have stories about the news, stories about the stories about the news, reviews and reviews on reviews. How did all this ever come to be?

I know!

It became the news. And I jumped off.

And all I can say is Fuck all that stuff.

I deleted all these feedreader accounts like Feedly, deleted my iCloud folders with RSS feeds, deleted backups in OPML format of the feeds, delete, delete, delete. Goodbye fucked up news and reporting and the stories about stories that are about stories concerning stories and events and happenings and stuff.

It all sucks.

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