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Old blog posts Jan 16, 2022 I had this history of blog posts that David migrated for me from write.as and then I added posts from blot when I first landed there back in 2021. Slower Travel Thoughts Jan 16, 2022 I read a few articles about the idea of slow travel. There is something past the idea of slow travel and for the lack of a better name, I call it Choices of this and that… Jan 15, 2022 It may be I move this blog yet again. I fear that blot may have problems and hopefully not because this place has the ethos I want in my daily life. No time for News Jan 13, 2022 I guess I reached the maximum inflection point with news. Any kind of news. News about news. About covid. About politics. About things and people Thursday Morning in Blog Jan 13, 2022 Sometimes I think writing these missives that blogging has become almost a daily thing in my life yet again. In fact, looking at the archives here, Waiting on Photos Jan 12, 2022 Today was going out to look at laptops with my friend Maria for her daughter. We also stopped at a place nearby so I could get a much needed haircut Adventures in Being Me Jan 12, 2022 I get to find a variety of places in this slow vagabond life. Years ago I decided to not ever find a single place that I would call home but that Coffee mornings Jan 11, 2022 Today stayed and talked some at the house and we decided to do fried chicken for our meal later. They went to get. Being lazy I went to coffee shop Moments at the Park today Jan 10, 2022 I went for a nice walk today just kinda sorta in my neighborhood. It was a cloudy and cooler day today so walking felt particularly good. My most Veranda on a Sunday Jan 9, 2022 So here I am with coffee, private music thanks to AirPods and a Sunday morning. The veranda is quite still this morning. There’s a light breeze and Saturday Morning Blogging Jan 8, 2022 I guess it is Saturday morning in Merida. Mornings here are peaceful no matter the day so I often give thoughts over to blogging on my MacBook Air From morning in Merida Friday beckons Jan 7, 2022 I realized I have been here in Merida just about a month now. At first I had thought I would return to Puerto Vallarta to stay but this city is so Evening in the Park and Afternoon with Mango Ice Jan 6, 2022 It seems I saw this same person a few times in the park with his dog. Today though the park had only a few people and his dog came over to give me a From mindfulness to wonder Jan 6, 2022 About two years ago I started this journey. Another vagabond with no real destination I guess. I found mindfulness included three things for me Dancing Merida Jan 5, 2022 Yesterday was wandering the historic zone which really is one of a few different places here I will return to so many times. I found so much to just Breakfast and beyond Jan 4, 2022 Today my friend Jason and I went to a nice breakfast place. Both of us are retired so spend time talking about places to go. He will leave in early Little Walking and Little Sights Jan 3, 2022 Starting tomorrow I guess I will be going farther to see some new things. I’ve walked the neighborhood for some bit of time and while there are many Yesterday fell away Jan 3, 2022 I went for a nice walk but did not write a blog post. I guess I could have then and reflected on things I saw. It just seemed like I could just go. Sunday Morning Jan 2, 2022 Merida shines this morning. Cool breezes and the sun always gives a new day this time of year. Sometimes we get some rain here but it never lasts 2022 and on Jan 1, 2022 I managed to stay awake until 2022 came crashing through with almost non-stop fireworks here in Merida. Had a few beers, ate some pizza. I answered
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