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2021 blog post retrospective Dec 31, 2021 I did one last year I gather. On some platform where the posts lived. Now it is another year to see end. I won’t dwell on Covid because all the news Old Diaries bring Recollections Dec 30, 2021 Last night I guess wanting some variation or reminders I went back to some diaries from those other years. I still have markdown formatted diaries Then it was breakfast Dec 29, 2021 This morning I was lazy but wanted some huevos for breakfast so I set out to find this breakfast place and coffee shop. Mission successful with Daily Rhythm Dec 29, 2021 We were sitting out last night talking on the veranda or as we jokingly call it, Mikes Bar The talk is about everything it seems but mostly daily Reflection of Life - Is it a mirror or life itself Dec 28, 2021 I think sometimes sitting here in my room how things seem to have no real pattern or direction or device to be managed. When I worked I did have Staying the Course Dec 26, 2021 I’ve been giving some thought to March 2022 the last days. Truth is I am having a lot of fun living in Merida Mexico, wandering around just in my Day After Dec 26, 2021 I had considered writing a day after post and then declined mentally but it seems I would ruin a record posting here every day if I do not commit My Christmas Day Post Dec 25, 2021 I don’t really do Christmas much any longer but I should mention that here in Mexico, Christmas is celebrated in a big way. I think perhaps since Christmas Eve Recollections Dec 24, 2021 Perhaps this is what we do as bloggers. People seem to want to publish retrospectives about their lives before, what happened in the year. What they Then the day goes Dec 23, 2021 It was a good day today I have to say. I went for a nice walk, posted a picture of my delicious and cheap lunch of asada tacos and then walked A few moments Dec 23, 2021 It seems like the days fly away here in Merida. Today I sit with a cup of coffee, a few of my favorite cookies from a bakery and some music. It is Heading to End of the Year Dec 22, 2021 Seems like the days are winding down to the end of 2021. I just arrived in Merida Mexico about 1.5 weeks ago and have been just walking and eating Moving Along to a New Week Dec 20, 2021 Seems like the weeks conspire to create new weeks all the time. I’ve been in Merida basically a week now. There are so many places I have not been Museum Day and Nice Walking in Merida Dec 19, 2021 Down the street from my airbnb is the national museum for the Maya in Merida. Really beautiful place to visit prior to visiting archeological sites Sunday so and so Dec 19, 2021 The last few days been wandering my neighborhood and a little beyond to just get a sense of what’s around. Merida is a big city so walking any Friday morning coffee Dec 17, 2021 Beautiful cool morning in Yucatán. Merida mornings this time of year wonderful for the morning coffee binge and sitting out with other guests Birthday report Dec 15, 2021 So today was a good birthday. Had some cake from Yucatán which was interesting and then visited awhile here. Tonight M and I went out for Mexican Birthday Rolls Around Dec 14, 2021 I think birthdays when I get old are meant for retrospective blog posts. Like… where was I last year at the same time? Well, last year, I flew to Wandering Merida - first day of the steps Dec 13, 2021 I’m really enjoying the area I live in here in the city. There are restaurants, beautiful tree-lined streets to walk, breakfast spots I have not A day in Merida Dec 12, 2021 I decided today to just take off and go. I managed to get almost 35 photos just wandering wherever I decided. The neighborhood I live in is just Next page