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Reflection of Life - Is it a mirror or life itself

I think sometimes sitting here in my room how things seem to have no real pattern or direction or device to be managed. When I worked I did have this set of things. Milestones and plans and bullets. Notes that were linked to each other. Some kind of maniacal second brain garden but all contained in OneNote. My VP would then join my notes since OneNote lived on a corporate Sharepoint server and he could then ask questions. I did not like that. At all. Soon even my manager would join and the note would degrade to competing questions. I marked some notes as private perhaps but it brought some clarity to the whole reflection thing I will share whether you want it or not.

  • we want some kind of order or balance so we create these containers to hold information, design, life. Some call them second brains or digital gardens but what I think they really want is to bring order to all the reflections of life that make no sense. I know why life makes no sense and thus why employing a second brain is useless for me. Because all the bits and bytes are easily stored in one brain for me and I rebelled against the order and dogma years ago.
  • we fight against randomness as though our lives are meant to be like the first bullet point above. Wrong. But we feel time is ticking and we should create a view of life all nicely ordered with no randomness or chance involved. This is the second reason why I would never succumb to wikis or digital gardens or things like Obsidian or Roam or whatever have you. Because life is all random so writing detailed notes seems specious to me.
  • we desire to fit in and conspire and coordinate our lives away to find that round hole but we are a square peg. Life never fits so completely in one of those holes like Legos blocks that all snap together. So I rebel against things which seek to bring that coordination and fit to life. Instead I believe we are meant to enjoy our moments, find whatever meaning in moments and memories and experiences and let time shrivel and die away.

Perhaps all these things are an old retired guy’s perspectives on life after so many years dredging in IT and passionately doing archeology. But what has come to me are reflections.

So instead of forever searching for the why of things how about searching for the why not. Why not do this? Why not enjoy life and let your gardens tend themselves. Is life supposed to be full of status and notes or full of moments? Your choice. Your reflection.

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