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Saturday Morning Blogging

I guess it is Saturday morning in Merida. Mornings here are peaceful no matter the day so I often give thoughts over to blogging on my MacBook Air to just sew the moments together or pull them apart. Yesterday was a good day for all things. We ended going to a wonderful steak restaurant for dinner last night. Then back to the house for some beers and talk.

Now it is coffee time and I realize I have been in Merida Mexico for a month now with still two months to go until my quick return to the US and then back again. It is kinda hard to believe I have all this stuff booked and arranged until September this year. I don’t really have anything to accomplish but to seriously love this city, learn more Spanish, and eat, drink and be happy. The main goals for this old retired guy’s life it seems.

I also walked a little walk down some streets and I always like finding the little things which seem unique given their borders or geometries or shapes or something.

For whatever reason, there is an itch to be scratched finding little scenes to me. Sunsets, mountains, the ocean. I like all those things and my Puerto Vallarta photo gallery probably has sufficient sunset photos because it was also just beautiful to walk the Malecon and watch. Here in Merida, I feel my tiny photography things have come into their own. I also did think in some passing thought about getting a camera like the FujiFilm X100V but to what purpose? I would not be happy with it. In fact, it would just be another thing to haul all around with me when for me then iPhone 12 Pro does an excellent job of what it is I want with photography. Merely,

Capturing all my moments, memories and experiences

One photographer I really like, Samuel Elkins, did a cool review on the iPhone 12 Pro and found it to be just that. A wonderful device for just capturing life moments. I mean, what else is there? For someone like me, desiring to just go without all the hassle, it just works. And it is fun to use. Kind of contrary to real cameras with all their knobs and dials and settings and lens and batteries and SD cards and cables and chargers and…


Yeah so on this Saturday morning writing this blog post, I kinda put down that thought to the ravings of someone lunatic for the moment.

Capturing the little things every so often as I go, food, people, things. Yeah!

So anyways, it all brings me back to a Saturday morning with room coffee at the elbow and realizing I have been here a month just about now. Welcome to Saturday morning blogging. Take a seat. Relax. Enjoy a virtual coffee. Take your Saturday and do absolutely nothing with it.

And enjoy the holy hell outa that.

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