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Staying the Course

I’ve been giving some thought to March 2022 the last days. Truth is I am having a lot of fun living in Merida Mexico, wandering around just in my part of this large, vibrant, and fun city. People are extremely pleasant and warm and will greet anyone walking by. I have asked using my rather inelegant Spanish for the lavanderia or laundry and a nice Mexican guy asked his girlfriend for help. Funny how far Donde esta can go :-). I also have found this neighborhood here which seems so much like home. A coffee shop I am warmly greeted in the mornings when I go. The wonderful and charming lady that does my laundry every week always welcomes me back. Even the convenience stores are getting used to the old retired guy that wanders in for cookies or water or beer.

Then there are these wonderful and unique places to walk into, through, and sit on a curb in thought, I find myself in. I often check all goals or intentions and just go. I can find things that to me are so different or fun that it is a natural to take a photo. Fun little places.Like this plate for instance.

How is it possible that such cool things exist just waiting for my wandering gaze and gait to find them? I dunno. It must be just the way Merida loves me and wants me to stay.

I also enjoy finding the places that are abandoned that have this classic look to them which is both inviting yet run down or left behind. I wonder of the story of the place. What prompted this person to open a mechanics shop? There is a story to this place and I happened to find the shop at some point when some of that story has already been told.

Finally, what is life without a German Beerhall. Unfortunately I cut off the picture a bit but sure enough! I will be going there to sample some of there beery delights. It is about 20 minutes of a walk from my place.

Finally a decision to stay the course

I had dwelt on my March 2022 plans or no plans in my case but I decided that this city is one of those places to just stay the course and stay in. It has all these wonderful things. Irish pubs, donut shoppes, movie theaters and malls and the safety level is way up there. The city is also simply beautiful to me. I will be living in a completely different place in Merida come March 2022. In the central zone. I’ll spend all my six months here investigating and reporting but also visiting other places like Oaxaca. Perhaps back to Puerto Vallarta for a visit. But Merida feels like an anchor. Like a place to just slow down, find the moments. Experiences.

I will dash back to Houston Texas for a short visit, get the Pfizer booster shot and then leave again. I don’t know anyone there. That’s a good thing!

Staying the course means staying in Merida and loving every minute of it.

And that is that dear readers. I don’t keep any statistics so I would be amazed if there were three of you :-). See you down the blog road.

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