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Stopping in Mexico City

So I was supposed to fly to Mexico City and then catch a connecting flight two hours later to Merida. The connecting flight part did not happen. I was told I could not take the flight and I would need to wait until the following day to fly. I don’t know why. There’s some things it is just better to accept and move on. Getting mad or yelling would not put me on the flight today. So I just asked the customer service agent to help me. She booked me on a flight tomorrow instead with apologies. So that leaves me in Mexico City for a day and night. I decided to get a room at the Marriott airport hotel across the street. Now I am in the cafe having a dinner and enjoying some comforts. Tomorrow the voyage continues.

So what is the moral of the story? There ain’t none. I do believe it is just better to know what you can change and cannot and just take the path that results in what you want without argument and making a scene. Sometimes the cost is more. Other times the anger rises. I don’t feel today anything was solved letting the anger go. Besides I did not feel angry or irritated. I guess I just said,

Okay! Now let’s fix it!

So some money and a different evening in a nice hotel and feeling like life is good. Merida comes tomorrow. I still have all the days I will have.

Now I will eat some more expensive food and enjoy these comforts. Like English language television stations. I am not a big tv watcher but sometimes I enjoy the perks.

Life is a perk. So I just take it.

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