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Sunday Morning

Merida shines this morning. Cool breezes and the sun always gives a new day this time of year. Sometimes we get some rain here but it never lasts and then back to this thoroughly delightful time of the year in Yucatan. Now is coffee time and a little Colin Hay on Apple Music.

I finished up chatting with my Lily on WhatsApp which is a morning and night time thing and I got to meet her sister Winny or Quyen. I will stick with Winny since I suck at saying Vietnamese names often. The talk most often ends with the unspoken words and feelings but sometimes she just asks me to please come back when I can. I can always dwell on the moments that this Sunday brings over room coffee as the morning putters away. I also think on moving my walking tomorrow to the Calla Colon which is a street with beautiful historic buildings, a wonderful park, and restaurants and coffee shops. I will most likely go tomorrow and then walk back when done playing and taking photos.

Last night I walked here just mostly to feel the wonderful sunshine and warmth and stopped at a Oxxo and got cold water and sat at a closed up building and just watched it all. So many times I have just sat and watched and it always seems to come back sitting on streets everywhere I have been. Then I walked to Carls Junior for dinner and had one of the slightly different yet good burgers, fries, and the orange soda I like.

My coffee cup is almost empty and its only 9am here so I think a second coffee and then a late breakfast. I have not liked doing breakfast early since forever and Mexico indulges me with breakfast when I want.

I wanted to mention I heard from my old friend AFT via email after some months. He was living in Singapore for quite some time and got to leave for the holidays and then some in the US but will end up going back later this year. I doubt I will see him any time soon. I last saw him in 2019 Christmas time in Manila for awhile when I camped out at his condo in Makati. AFT and I go back to the GAP days and then he started a Linux services company in 1998 named Linuxcare that I would join. Linuxcare would do enterprise Linux services and we had customers like Dell, IBM, Sun, HP and others. Fun times. I got to start a line of business around certification of Linux systems for some of those same customers. We end up chatting about Linux quite a bit but I don’t do much with it any more and he still does working with Oracle.

Anyways, that’s my Sunday morning. Nothing waits for me and there are no goals or responsibilities or tasks. Have not been for years. It is my Sunday morning and I’ll just take that second cuppa now.

Asta Luego!

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