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Sunday so and so

The last few days been wandering my neighborhood and a little beyond to just get a sense of what’s around. Merida is a big city so walking any direction yields many things. Parks, malls, beautiful old architecture. Food! Today though I think I may head to the Gran Maya Museum. It is a 40 minute walk or so from my place and there are places I could stop for lunch or dinner or whatever meal I decide to call it. There are about 10 museums in Merida so deciding time for history is no big challenge.

I am purposefully going slow and just spending time enjoying where I go in the city. Now it is coffee in the room time and some Apple Music. Yesterday a friend J and I went to a taco stand for lunch wherein we spent about 13 pesos a taco. Really nice and fresh ingredients and a helpful person for ordering but we could have gotten through it without. Not so hard to order food here or anywhere.

After a week here now, I really love this city. It is so easy to find anything from donut shoppes to coffee and food here. In our neighborhood not so many people speak English. Perhaps my Spanish is improving with the classes on Babbel I am taking :-). I started some time ago because I really want to visit Oaxaca City at some point and Spanish conversational level would be required. The main things I want to learn are the basic building blocks.

Yesterday I visited this local park with a beautiful church right there. The park is this wonderful little green and open space where kids play and people sit and read.

So that is my weekend stuff. Not a thing to do but enjoy my times. In Merida that is pretty easy :-).

Up next Friday morning coffee Beautiful cool morning in Yucatán. Merida mornings this time of year wonderful for the morning coffee binge and sitting out with other guests Museum Day and Nice Walking in Merida
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