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Then the day goes

It was a good day today I have to say. I went for a nice walk, posted a picture of my delicious and cheap lunch of asada tacos and then walked through some delightful old neighborhoods north of the central district. Stopped in a park for awhile. Did I mention that Merida has so many parks? Large and small. Close to my house is one of my favorites. It has playgrounds and there is a beautiful little church.

I wanted to mention how the neighborhood works here because I really believe there is this power in learning the local places where I live. My neighborhood here is really made up of a number of places I frequent. Instead of a local mercado or market, we have a WalMart Express Supermarket. It has fresh fruits and vegetables, deli foods, canned goods, meats, toiletry items. It is about 5 minutes walk from the house. The other way is really the cool part. Down the next street is a park, two convenience stores and then a small strip mall of stores, restaurants, the coffee shop I enjoy visiting, and the laundry service which I visit once a week. My most favorite stop is the coffee shop since I always feel welcome there when I hear them welcome me with a

Buenos Dias, Como Estas Mike?

I sit outside by myself and order a latte and often a pastry that is then warmed up and served. I can sit and watch this little part of some world drift by.

If I go to the laundry service, the wonderful woman there will stop everything to greet me with


So wonderful and the whole thing makes me feel I belong to this one place at this one time. I told her today,

Buenas Tardes. Como Estas. Feliz Navidad.

She will always respond smiling with Muy Bien and then ask in Spanish how I am. Wonderful little times which also helps me with learning the language.

Learning the language in the neighborhood helps a lot. I can start picking out more words than before and even try simple sentences with words I never knew thanks to Babbel.

And that is how the day goes. But here’s a little picture for ya just in case. I love little scenes that seem to build on each other and this one just grabbed me for some reason.

Enjoy your evening or day or whatever you got. I will soon do the beer thing and feel the cool breezes of a Yucatan evening sweep over me.

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