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Thursday Morning in Blog

Sometimes I think writing these missives that blogging has become almost a daily thing in my life yet again. In fact, looking at the archives here, I have managed to write every day and sometimes two times a day. I imagine this is because there is no real client on blot and just writing even in TextEdit on my MacBook just works. I do prefer writing in IAwriter for the blog because it seems so basic yet so proficient at just cramming words next to each other. Not like web editors or clients which only have one purpose or finding the clients that will let you post directly to the blog. At one time I used Ulysses but they have dumbed down markdown to a point where I cannot just use it any longer.

I left more places than I stayed because of really only a few reasons. I had decided at one point to not write every day on Blot but the truth is I can just write. What else is blogging? Writing. Watching the words all line up next to each other. I could never stay at a place where the words did not matter so I left.

I’ve thought recently about going back to something like Hugo and self publishing my blog using something like DigitalOcean or another CDN. I don’t like Hugo because the barrier to entry is set high if all I want is to write words and then publish those words. I don’t want frameworks and scripting and creating plugins or making it all work together and more often breaking it. I thought of platforms to blog but all the others I have left more times than stayed.

So while I sit here on a polished up and just starting Thursday, I have to admit that there is no place to write besides where I am now. Not Ghost or Micro.Blog or Write.As. Not Wordpress (hell, no) or others I could find.

But the other thing is what kind of blog post would this be if I did not share some random photo. See if you can guess where this is.

Some place, eh? Do you know? Nope. Wrong. Try again. Give up? Too bad, ain’t gonna tell ya :-)

I will tell you creating a blog post today took little or no effort but I did want the words to line up nice and neat and my room coffee appreciates that. Just another moment in Merida with no fact or fantasy attached.

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