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Waiting on Photos

Today was going out to look at laptops with my friend Maria for her daughter. We also stopped at a place nearby so I could get a much needed haircut and then had lunch at a really nice taco place. One of Maria’s hidden places :-). Wonderful tacos and flavors of at least 6 different meats and the salsas were good.

Yesterday was a really nice day for wandering city streets to capture whatever it was I wanted to capture. I especially like the small scenes like this one.

Something about how the telephone poles and colors and the sign to Alto blend in with the windows seems pleasing and almost calming but still hinting at mystery. The peek at the blue sky kinda lets me know it was a beautiful afternoon out but I wanted to only a show a bit of the sky in favor of the windows and colors.

The second photo is a sign I was taken with as I walked yesterday.

The wonderful little place signs always make me want more and Merida never disappoints. I think today will go later at about sunset and see how the lights is then for finding different little things. Truth is there is no lack of little things to just go get and wonder over.

Now I sit on the veranda at home with the laptop watching the day aspire to nothing. No plans. No places. A wonderful nothing day I will turn to my own ends as we go later. I have to say that the MacBook Air M1 is so nice as a playtoy. Battery life is phenomenal and the performance for what I do makes it into a first class toy.

Oh… You want another photo? You should have said something. I got photos from yesterday for you.

I thought this tree was so forlorn yet so interesting in black and white with a little color adjustments to the image. All the little things. Perhaps tonight will find even more to capture and show. Now though, I’ll return to doing nothing and let you enjoy your time. It is the least I can do.

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