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Wandering Merida - first day of the steps

I’m really enjoying the area I live in here in the city. There are restaurants, beautiful tree-lined streets to walk, breakfast spots I have not tried yet, and these eclectic views down side streets that combine so many textures and feelings.

My airbnb is located about 10 minutes from a particularly beautiful tree lined street many people walk down. There are coffee shops, bars, and shopping centers. I guess the kind of block I really enjoy to just wander through.

The wonderful architecture is just so prevalent all over the area I walked in yesterday. The feeling always is of peaceful tranquility perhaps extended by the wonderful sidewalks and trees that touch down all around each block. I walked back home on a different street and saw many small shops. By the afternoon when I was getting close to my airbnb, the skies clouded briefly and about 14 raindrops fell. I found a place to sit on a curb with a water bottle and just watch. So much like sitting in Hanoi or Taipei. There is a meeting point besides my butt on the curb :-). The meeting is finding the constant hum of a place whether it was busy like Tokyo or serene and peaceful like Tainan. The constant hum and thrum of a city. Like it is a breathing, living entity. Inhaling the morning, seeing cars and people enjoying or arguing, finding the afternoon with an exhale and the clouds form to dot the skies and give us the shade. Meanwhile, I could just sit and watch and feel both a part and separate from it all. Sitting in Saigon once drinking water I felt this companionship to the city like it had joined me for the moment, letting me breathe the depths of feeling, uncertainty, anger, peace. Cities are amazing fetes. They offer personalities, arguments, and when I sit in the middle of one I find all the expressions.

The same in Merida yesterday. All of those breaths and clouds and skies that gave me so many wonderful views. The city here with its colonial architecture and wide blocks and then small alleys dotted with children playing and singing. It would also take me back to Kampot Cambodia at some Christmas time and the river wound the way to grassy and treelined boulevards but the town is sleepy and people always stop to talk. We don’t do that much in the US. Stop. Stopping is at red lights. Stopping is not a life skill.

So I’ll end this by saying the city and the parks and kids playing all lit my world yesterday. Burgers at Carls Jr. A simple sandwich for dinner from Oxxo. And the steps. The wonderful walking steps that take me through it all.

Thanks Merida. You will see me today!

Up next A day in Merida I decided today to just take off and go. I managed to get almost 35 photos just wandering wherever I decided. The neighborhood I live in is just Birthday Rolls Around
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