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Yesterday fell away

I went for a nice walk but did not write a blog post. I guess I could have then and reflected on things I saw. It just seemed like I could just go. And go. Now I sit with coffee and like many times I remember the walk. Yesterday seemed like the walking was effortless but I also remember the weather seemed to be changing. Moving to cooler days. I checked my weather app on the iPhone and sure enough we have cooler days starting today. I was so taken with the beautiful clouds and how the sun seemed to just touch and go through the late afternoon.

I had stopped yesterday and got a cheap sandwich and yoghurt for dinner and had an apple too and then a few beers and sat outside. Then back inside and I listened to an audiobook on YouTube. I get a lot of pleasure out of audio books especially for some reason Sherlock Holmes books. There are collections of Conan Doyle’s stories of Holmes which go for hours. Sometimes I just let them go and tune in and out. I also have this app which works well for public domain audio books called Librivox. It has a small annual subscription but there are thousands of books. Some really good, others I skip over. It seems easier sometimes to find audiobooks on YouTube so I listen there in the evenings.

Now the morning room coffee hints at nothing except most likely I will go later today to a new place to wander in the city. I’ll catch a ride with DiDi which competes with Uber and perhaps costs less. It just seems time to find a new place for the day to wander and perhaps have dinner and then head back home. Now though my room coffee demands attention. I finished the banana and a cookie with it already and the coffee always seems to gently ask my attention.

I may go for a late breakfast and have some eggs with verdes sauce on them or perhaps something else there. I also have to go meet my friend here that owns a laundry service that I managed to meet. She and I will make plans to have coffee one day here when she can.

And that is how yesterday fell away and today took the place of it. I lose track most often of all the todays and yesterdays. Clocks and calendars. They mean nothing when you have Merida on a Monday morning. Room coffee and moments. Some music that carries me along.

I am supposed to consider going back to Cambodia in September but it seems so far away. I don’t really know it will happen but it does not touch now and just the gentle act of being now.

Take the clouds and the sun.

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